Sunday, December 4th, 2022

Chas Bar is a Wyandotte institution. It’s been there for as long as we can remember, and everyone who lives in the city is familiar with this cozy little spot. They’ve got delicious burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches, and the beer is cheap and always flowing right along with all that great conversation! There are [...]

Portofino Restaurant & Banquet has a breathtaking view of the Detroit River, from its prime spot on the water in Wyandotte. It’s perhaps best known for its incredible outdoor deck where bands play and diners enjoy their fine food and drinks, but there’s also a beautiful interior with a very lengthy bar and floor to [...]

Frank’s was only the second bar in Michigan to obtain its liquor license, so that hints at how long this has been a part of the Wyandotte landscape! It’s located on 6th Street between Orchard Street and Forest Street. On Friday nights they’ve got family friendly fish fries, and on the weekends they’ve got DJs [...]

Gizzmo’s is a delightful surprise on Biddle Avenue in Wyandotte, between Eureka Road and Sycamore Street. Right there on the main strip with all the shops and restaurants. It’s a martini bar and jazz bar rolled into one, which is always a great combination, and it certainly is in this case. You’ll want to note [...]

Prush’s Bar & Grill is a pretty cool spot on Eureka near the intersection with 12th Street. Being in Wyandotte you may expect an older crowd, but most of the regulars here are in their twenties, thirties, and early forties. The building has an old fashioned Wyandotte charm that we really love, with very high [...]

Quit-N-Time is a very popular after-work spot located in Wyandotte on Fort Street, right in the middle of all the great stuff that the city has to offer. There are lots of regulars that make this place what it is, but the great service and friendly waitstaff is also the essential ingredient that really brings [...]

Gold Star Bar is one of the best bars in Wyandotte, and also one of the best hidden. It’s tucked away on Vinewood between Cora and 9th Street, and due to its very private location, its patrons are mostly comprised of locals who are also longtime regulars. Everyone here is friendly and ready to have [...]

Smokies Restaurant & Lounge is one of the more upscale restaurants in Wyandotte, but everyone who dines there regularly says it’s completely worth the extra cost! It’s located on Biddle Avenue away from most of the other restaurants, so it’s never as crowded as the other more popular haunts, but it’s just as good. Fabulous [...]

Somewhere Bar & No Grill is one of those great downriver dive bars where you can get reliably cheap drinks that aren’t watered down, and enjoy good times with the regulars who will tell you stories of days long gone! Let’s be clear, if you’re used to those modern chain establishments and the egos that [...]

The Rockery is that cool little bar on the corner of Eureka Road and 12th Street where the door’s always wide open late at night so you can see the good times happening and beckoning you in! It’s really just a laid back sports bar with delcious bar fare and cheap beer, but we love [...]